Leaked News: Fate/Extra Last Encore’s Dub on Netflix Japan

The title says it all.

So Netflix’s habit of adding dubs of their ‘Original’ anime to Netflix Japan several weeks in advance is not letting up and Fate/Extra Last Encore (Netflix URL: https://www.netflix.com/title/80185145) is the latest show in line.

Fate Extra Dub Netflix Japan
The series under the list of titles with English audio

Several weeks ahead of the show’s worldwide release on June 30, 2018. Here’s the English Cast and Crew of Fate/Extra Last Encore (of its first 10 episodes, titled as Oblitus Copernican Theory):


  • Dubbing Studio: Bang Zoom
  • Producer: Eric P. Sherman
  • Co-Producer/Casting Director: Mami Okada
  • Assistant Producer: Mio Moroe
  • Dialogue Director: Tony Oliver
  • ADR Script Writer: Erica Mendez
  • Translation: Rika Takahshi
  • Production Manager: Risa Koitabashi
  • Production Coordinators: AJ Gam, Cheri Crisostomo, Rayner Tham
  • Production Assistants: Aki Kuribara, Patrick Dugan, Suzanne St Clair
  • Spotting: Ryan Raydarke
  • Sound Supervisor: Patrick Rodman, CAS
  • Re-Recording Mixer: Michael Brooks
  • Recording Engineers: Kenneth Thompson, Eddie J. Correa
  • Dialogue Editors:¬†Kenneth Thompson, Benjamin Harrington, Eddie J. Correa
  • Assistant Engineers: April Machado, Eric Raichelson, JP Aller, Matthew Wollenman
  • Post Production Assistants: Jonah Martin, Jonathan Kreimerman


  • Hakuno Kishinami (Male): Billy Kametz
  • Saber: Cassandra Morris
  • Rin Tohsaka: Mela Lee
  • Shinji Matou: Kyle McCarley
  • Francis Drake: Jessica Gee George
  • Dan Blackmore: Ian Alden
  • Robin Hood: Vic Mignogna
  • Rani VIII: Christine Marie Cabanos
  • Misao Amari: Cherami Leigh
  • Kirei Kotomine: Armen Taylor
  • Twice H. Pieceman: Greg Chun
  • Leonardo Bistario Harway: Laura Stahl
  • Archer Golem: Kaiji Tang
  • Teacher: Marcy Edwards
  • Alice: Xanthe Huynh
  • Julius B. Harway: Jordan Reynolds
  • Li Shuwen: Chris Hackney
  • Hakuno Kishinami (Female): Ryan Bartley

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As expected (with Netflix’s past Fate series pickup in Apocrypha), they have rehired Bang Zoom to dub the series for the sake of consistency with Tony Oliver once again in the director’s chair and Erica Mendez doing script adaptation as she previously did for Apocrypha. All the major cast members from previous Fate Series dubs have returned with the exception of Kirei’s voice actor (currently played by Crispin Freeman in the mainline shows but is replaced here by Armen Taylor) thanks to this dub being a non-union project (as Apocrypha’s was resulting in the recasting of Saber from Kari Wahlgren to Michelle Ruff).

With all of that said, the series is still not done with a remaining set of episodes (titled as Illustrias Geocentrism) set to premiere in late July, though it remains to be seen when Netflix will be adding those episodes worldwide. Though you should expect a long wait.


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