Leaked News: ID-0’s Dub on Netflix Japan & Madman’s Upcoming Theatrical Releases

I kinda wanted to do something like this on this blog for awhile so indulge me as I lay down some cool and leaked stuff.

Yep, some news has leaked out a little early for two select things. The English dub of Netflix ‘Original’ Anime ID-0 and 3 new theatrical releases accidentally listed early by Australian distributor Madman.

ID-0 English Dub

This series was announced for worldwide release on October 6, 2017 via a tweet from an event for the show in Japan. Which translates to

Worldwide expansion of Netflix on October 6th

12 episodes in 190 countries

Dubbed in 7 languages, Subtitled in 24 languages

For more information see our website

And now I’ve learned that one of those 7 languages is already available on Netflix Japan.

ID-0 Netflix Dub
Netflix Japan’s listing of shows with an English audio option, wth ID-0 noticeably included

So far the episodes themselves only include the Japanese and English audio options but do have credits at the very end for all the multi-language dubs, that will probably be added eventually by the time the show is made available worldwide.

ID-0 English Cast 1
Screenshot of the English credits of Episode 1 with the audio and subtitle option listed below

But since the episodes themselves include credits, it’s only fair that I list off the cast and crew as seen above. I should already note that the English dub of the show was already known to be in existence by me a little while ago as voice actress Anne Yatco listed it on her resume.


  • Dialogue Director: Bob Buchholz
  • Subtitle Translation: Ekaterina Obsokova
  • Studio: SDI Media (as credited by Anne Yatco’s resume)


  • Maya Mikuri: Cherami Leigh
  • Ido: Todd Haberkorn
  • Clair Hojo: Christine Marie Cabanos
  • Rick Ayer: Douglas Cavum
  • Karla Milla-Foden: Cristina Vee
  • Grayman: Keith Silverstein
  • Amanza Volchkova: Anne Yatco
  • Professor Attomy Kinsberg: Michael Chapman
  • Romanov: Tony Azzolino
  • Kain Arisugawa: Kyle McCarley
  • Addams Forte Chevalier: Chris Smith
  • Alice, Announcer, Crew Member, Synthesised Voice: Cassandra Morris
  • Sam Taylor: Bryce Papenbrook
  • Jennifer Record: Reba Buhr
  • Elder, Commander: Lucien Dodge
  • Councillor Anai: Johanna Luis
  • Admiral: Cindy Robinson
  • Lieutenant: Kirk Thornton


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Madman’s Leaked Theatrical Releases

As any of the readers of this blog would know, I’ve covered upcoming theatrical releases of anime films, twice in fact. But this news, hot off the press today is small enough for me to cover here at least. Madman’s page for upcoming theatrical releases just so happened to list off Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel 1 – Presage Flower, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (the live action film presumably) and No Game No Life: Zero.

All have pages linked within them that don’t list anything of note like posters or stills and they’re all given the release date of December 31, 2018, which obviously is not the date for any of them (unless Madman’s really planning ahead) and is probably just a placeholder.

Madman Upcoming Theatrical Releases Leak
Screenshot for obvious reasons when Madman removes these listings

All 3 films have not been previously announced for release in Australia, let alone had Madman say anything about them (save for some dramatic silence on the subject of Heaven’s Feel at their SMASH panel).

Fate/Stay Night: Heaven’s Feel 1 – Presage Flower is the first instalment of the animated film trilogy covering the entire Heaven’s Feel route of the original Fate/Stay Night visual novel (which had never been properly animated before). Ufotable is animating the film after previously handling the Unlimited Blade Works series and prequel Fate/Zero with Tomonori Sudou (who previously handled the great Kara no Kyoukai: Future Gospel film) in the director’s chair. Aniplex of America will be screening the film in U.S. cinemas sometime in the future.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is the live action film adaptation of the long running manga of the same name, and will be covering the 4th Part of the series, Diamond is Unbreakable. Directed by Takashi Miike (of Audition & the Ace Attorney and Terraformars live action films), we follow the bizarre adventures (I’m sorry for that jojoke) of the fourth main Jojo in the Joestar line, Josuke as he deals with the many threats in his small town of Morioh and the various Stand users that keep popping up and causing trouble with their powers.

No Game No Life: Zero is the latest animated instalment in the franchise following the first series and will be adapting the 6th volume of the original light novels. As its name suggests, the film acts as a prequel to the main series, explaining how the world of Disboard came to deciding everything by games with the war that was waging on and how a human boy named Riku and a female machine named Shuvi changed everything.

Most notably the original series was licenced and released in Australia by Hanabee Entertainment rather than Madman. Similarly, Madman had previously announced twice that they had picked up the film follow ups to Hanabee’s shows, Accel World: Infinite Burst and The Irregular at Magic High School: The Girl Who Summons the Stars.

NGNL:0 has been licenced by Sentai Filmworks in America and will be screening the film on October 5 (subbed) and 8 (dubbed), 2017, the premiere took place at the Los Angeles Anime Film Festival on September 15.

So that about does it for these 2 nuggets of cool news. So see you all next time, whenever I come across stuff that isn’t public yet.


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