Australia’s Upcoming Theatrical Anime Part 2

Because the last post was a while ago, let’s take another look at the anime coming to Australian cinemas in the next few months along with some minor updates.

Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic


So after all the research in the previous article and lengthy waiting, Madman finally announced Book of the Atlantic’s release with a premiere screening at MadFest Brisbane from June 11 and a nationwide release from June 15.

I have already begun watching the main series to catch up for the film and I very much look forward to seeing it on the big screen. (even if Madman wont be offering dubbed screenings unlike Funimation in the US)

Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale English Dub


Seemed pretty inevitable, but yeah Madman is following Aniplex of America’s shoes with a separate release for Ordinal Scale’s English dub from June 29, following its original subbed screenings. There’s also a premiere screening at MadFest Brisbane from June 10.

I certainly look forward to watching the film again and maybe understanding it a little better without reading the bottom of the screen all the time, mixed with a solid dub cast coming back from the previous seasons.

(Shout out to Madman for actually getting a dubbed trailer out there to promote the release, unlike Aniplex who didn’t get one made at all. Also cheers to Woddee who performed the narration in the above trailer)

Resident Evil: Vendetta


The Resident Evil animated films have always been tons better and more fun than the live action films and the 3rd instalment Vendetta looks to be no different. The film is being distributed for a limited time in Australian cinemas under Park Circus on June 8 and 11 with Universal Sony Pictures Aus bringing out the home video release on July 26.

It’ll be a treat to watch at least with over the top action sequences, the return of long-ignored RE character Rebecca Chambers and plenty more zombie goodness. So hey, who am I to complain?

Eureka Seven: Hi-Evolution

eureka seven hi-evolution

The brand new Eureka Seven film trilogy got announced for release across most of the world, including Australia under Madman and in America under Funimation. The film trilogy, being released once a year from 2017 to 2019 promises to present a recap of the original series with a ton of new content. The first movie even presenting a heavy prequel part of the plot involving a certain event that shaped the setting.

The first film will open in Japan on September 16, with no word for when the rest of the world gets it just yet. But hopefully it will be soon after. As an avid lover of the show, I’m expecting something good at least, even if it can never replace the original (though the 3 year wait for all 3 films feels too much, especially for something that seems to recap the show, though I guess it depends on how much new material there is in total)

Event Cinemas’ Outta The box Anime Screening

So those mysterious listings from Event Cinemas’ site proved official afterwards, with the George Street cinema revealing their Outta The Box special screenings for fans.

Akira, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Ninja Scroll and The Castle of Cagliostro each getting a one night screening almost every month. As of this post, Akira’s screening on May 6 passed by with The Girl Who Leapt Through Time coming up on July 21, Ninja Scroll on August 18 and The Castle of Cagliostro on September 15.

I wound up skipping Akira’s screening on account of having seen it before, wanting to watch it with others and other stuff (it also happened to be Free Comic Book Day too for the record), but I will definitely try to check out the rest, especially when I haven’t seen Ninja Scroll and Castle of Cagliostro before. That all said, the Tokyo Godfathers’ listing in my previous blog still has no announcement or official explanation for it yet, could be a movie for these screenings that ended up being cut out or it may be for something else.

Gintama (live action film)


So while this isn’t animated, it’s still rather interesting and semi-related nonetheless. The relatively new distributor in CineAsia Oz is bringing over the live action Gintama film from July 27.

I guess signs are getting better for this franchise in the west and Japan, from this movie being made to more of the show being animated to an actual English dub for the anime being produced by Crunchyroll and Canada’s Ocean Group as part of their intent to properly release the show.

Either way, I’ll definitely give this film a shot just for the sake of it (and Doctor Dazza speaking highly of the director too)

Anything Else?

Yeah I don’t think there’s anything else left right now. There’s no updates on Mary and The Witch’s Flower, Madman confirmed they don’t have In This Corner of the World sadly, still nothing on Kizumonogatari in cinemas at all (I cry everytime) and meanwhile the UK gets all the cool stuff like both of Masaaki Yuasa’s movies, SHAFT’s Fireworks film, Kenji Kamiyama’s Napping Princess– I could go on. I can at least dream Australia will somehow get most of those, I hope.

But hey things are still looking up a bit, there’s at least been one anime film in cinemas each month. Here’s hoping this year’s Japanese Film Festival slate will have great stuff on there too later in the year.


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